We have the ultimate advantage when it comes to providing Elasticsearch due to our advanced service discovery and management tools that facilitate the entire Elasticsearch life cycle and most amorphous configurations.

If you have demanding Elasticsearch needs, let us help you today!

Specialized Elasticsearch Offerings

Our strengths are found in the elastic.co stack. Let us provide Elasticsearch the best possible way for you, today!


To accompany our Elasticsearch offering, we offer extended support in the deployment, and management of the BigTop (and other) big data stacks of today and tomorrow.


Custom private, hybrid, integrated cloud solutions.

HA Openstack

One of the most valuable pieces of your organization!

Let us host your Openstack on our hardware, or supply your own and let us manage it!

  • great way to avoid cloud lock
  • low initial investment
  • hassle free public or private cloud

Opensource Offering

We believe that strength come in numbers, that’s why we have chosen to open source all of our code base. If you are wondering how things work, or whats going on under the hood feel free to ask!

Find some of our cornerstone offerings right on our Github

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