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Oil and Gas

HPC simulations are critical to the exploration of energy resources

The use cases for High Performance Computing (HPC) in the energy sector are continually expanding. Exploration, production and reservoir simulation are a few areas where HPC is reducing cost and increasing efficiency. HPC is also used to find new offshore energy resources, such as deep-water oil and gas deposits.


Scientists and engineers rely on HPC to develop new energy technologies

High Performance Computing (HPC) is a critical resource in the growing energy industry. Green energy solutions depend on HPC to empower and accelerate the work of scientists and engineers as they develop new energy technologies.

HPC enables experts to optimize existing distribution networks and scale the simulation and design of physical systems. In addition, HPC accelerates the development of new battery technologies for electric vehicles and the design of energy storage systems.

Aerospace & Automotive

Drive the future of virtual product development by removing the cost and infrastructure bottleneck

Expand engineering bandwidth through simulation based development. High Performance Computing (HPC) use cases in the aerospace industry range from airflow and combustion systems simulation to fluid dynamics and structural mechanics. Omnivector’s Vantage platform allows for simulations to be run in the cloud when onsite resources become constrained.

High Performance Computing (HPC) plays a vital role in the development of trucks and automobiles. Using HPC, the automotive industry can simulate the mechanical interaction of vehicle components, combustion systems, airflow and fluid systems.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Bring medicine to market faster with the power of HPC

Pharmaceutical manufacturers accelerate the testing process using High Performance Computing (HPC) to simulate the interaction of different molecular formulations within the human body. This means that new drugs can be developed faster, with fewer side effects, and a better understanding of the benefits. In addition, HPC is used in genomic sequencing to analyze genetic signaling pathways.

The medical industry uses High Performance Computing (HPC) for tasks such as image reconstruction, image analysis, and product design. When doing image reconstruction, HPC can be used to render 3D images from 2D data sets, which is essential for MRI and CT scans.  HPC can also be used to simulate the spread of diseases, develop new treatments for cancer, and study the human brain.

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