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Any user, any system

The Omnivector Slurm Distribution (OSD) democratizes HPC by providing a vehicle for accessibility on every public cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

Deploy your first HPC cluster with one command!


HPC for the Enterprise

Omnivector provides services and custom tools that manage HPC complexities, enabling engineering and scientific communities to focus on the work that matters most and reach solutions faster.

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Datacenter automation and operations

Orchestration and infrastructure as code are core components of Omnivector’s software solutions. We specialize in building and maintaining large scale distributed compute systems for the world’s largest enterprise organizations.

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Custom software development

Omnivector’s software development team is experienced in Big Data, HPC, AI/ML, containerized workflows and data pipeline construction. No matter the task, Omnivector can accommodate your software development needs.

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Data OPS

Data management is a challenge for modern day  businesses. Omnivector’s data operations expertise gives us the edge when it comes to assessing the needs of our customers.

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Enterprise Storage

Omnivector tailors storage solutions to each individual use case and provides operations support for the storage lifecycle. Increase your ROI with Omnivector enterprise storage solutions.

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Platform Engineering

Omnivector builds and maintains the Armada self-service HPC platform. Let our platform engineers consult on your next project today.

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Data processing

Omnivector partners with companies who have data intensive operations. We can help your business succeed in planning, designing, implementing and operating on-prem and cloud based data processing systems.

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Our clients gain a competitive advantage when their teams can focus on their core competencies, which improves the quality and efficiency of their work, accelerating time to market and driving innovation. 

 The Omnivector Advantage

Security, Scalability, Automation, Experience and Trust.

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Open Source

Omnivector contributes to the community by building our projects under the MIT open source license. This means the majority of our software can be found on our github organization.

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Global Engineering Presence

Our engineering presence spans multiple time zones and continents, enabling Omnivector to provide round-the-clock coverage in situations where uptime and ticket resolution require responses in near real-time.

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Industry Leaders and Premier Partner

Omnivector provides software solutions to the world's largest engineering leaders and enterprise organizations. We partner with industry leading hardware and software vendors to ensure our solutions integrate with upstream custom and off-the-shelf products.


Build a custom toolbox with us

Omnivector enables engineering and scientific communities to solve problems at scale providing a suite of tools that reduce friction in distributed computing environments. We are a service orchestration solutions company that focuses on streamlining the service deployment and resource operation process in hyper-scale computing environments.

We build, test, deploy, maintain, operate, manage and scale software and interconnected services on premise and in the cloud.

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We partner with Academic institutions across the globe to integrate our systems at the cutting edge of HPC research.

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Omnivector systems comply with HIPAA, GDPR, FIPS.

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Our systems are built to scale at the enterprise level. This means that Omnivector software integrates with 3rd party identity and Oauth2 authentication workflows.


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